Comparing was the past...

Welcome in the future !

LockTrip is the first online travel marketplace with 0% commission.

Here you can book your hotel or accommodation using blockchain technology, eliminating the need for middlemen to charge horrendous fees. So you do not have to compare hotels in the future any longer but book directly here the cheapest option.

100,000 Hotels Already Live
Soon there will be more hotels, apartments and even flights!

LockTrip is an Ecosystem and a Marketplace where anyone can enjoy cheaper travel without paying unfair commissions to middlemen that have no added value. LOC can improve our lives by significantly lowering travel expenses. ou can pay as usual by credit card, or even cheaper by LOC tokens, as this will drop the credit card fees.

Try it yourself, you will rarely be able to book a hotel cheaper elsewhere! You save in 90-95% of all cases about 15% -20% on your hotel booking. Sometimes less, of course, but often more.

Create an account on the following page to see hotel prices in your chosen currency. Without registration these will only be displayed in LOC. However, the conversion rate in euros or US $ is also directly visible without registration.

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Of course, you can still find and book package holidays or last minutes as usual.